How To X-Rays Work?

When we are injured or if we have a pain somewhere in our bodies it is a standard procedure for a doctor to take an x-ray. With an x-ray the doctor will be able to look inside your body at the bones. If they can see that the bones are broken or if there is other damage that they see, it will be much easier to fix. When going for an x ray procedure in Sparta, make sure that you give the doctor all the details they may need to give you proper treatment.

x ray procedure in Sparta

What is an x-ray?

An x-ray is a type of picture that shows the organs as well as bones in your body.  X-ray images are created by using invisible electromagnetic radiation, often referred to simply as X-rays.

What does an x-ray show?

When you take an x ray it can tell how much air there is within a cyst, as well as the dimension of a tumor.  They are able to see all the tissues and organs in the body by using radio waves to penetrate them.

When do you need to get an x-ray?

You will need to get an x-ray if you have a serious injury.  They will be able to see broken bones, internal bleeding or any other foreign object that may be inside your body.  X-rays are also used for pregnant women so doctors can look at fetus growing within them and make sure everything is in the right place.

What happens during an x-ray?

Before taking an x ray, the patient needs to remove all metallic objects from them as well as clothing that is very tight against their skin because those can affect the quality of the images.  If the patient has any medical devices such as an implanted defibrillator or pacemaker, they will need to inform a technician before the x ray procedure.

When the procedure is complete, the doctor will look at the image that is created, talk to you about the results and then form a treatment plan that will resolve any issues discovered.

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