Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This With Handyman

handyman in colorado springs, co

Life is good, when you think about it. This is only the beginning, good people. That is to say that you are only now warming up to the idea of employing the handyman in colorado springs, co. But don’t wait too long because before you know it, he’ll be off to do one of those long-term contract jobs again, fixing up someone or another’s old property, or helping a small business development get ready to open its doors.

Might be for the first time for some. Might be a reopening gig for others, those who’ve all been afflicted, affected, by the COVID pandemic, one way or another. Business was lost no doubt, but you know what they always say? When one door closes, another one opens. Who said that? Can’t remember. More than likely, the handyman doesn’t know either, but of one thing you can be pretty darn sure, the handyman’s doing it.

He’s opening doors, my good people. He’s closing them too but only to check and see that he’s managed to fix them just right. Like Alice in Wonderland’s porridge? No, it wasn’t her; Goldie something or other.    

Maybe the handyman knows. If he’s got small kids running about, he’s a family man too. And tired as a dog – handyman work does that to a decent person – he’s probably still got time to read his kids their bedtime stories. Before they all go tuck him in already. Because what fellas and gals; this old boy’s got to be back up at the crack of dawn again. Why? Why so early? Well for crying out loud already. The handyman’s got work to do. Lot’s. Lots of orders to fill out tomorrow, you see.

Doesn’t get any better than this.

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